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                1. Use vacuum cleaner every day. Do not wait until a large number of stains and dirt infiltration carpet fiber cleaning, only regular cleaning, it is easy to clean. When cleaning the carpet, you should pay attention to cleaning the floor underneath the carpet. 2, carpet shop after several years, it is best to adjust the position, make it wear evenly. Once some areas are uneven, they should be lightly pat, or lightly ironed with a steam iron. 3. When the carpet has a focal mark, but it is not serious, it can burn some of the brush off with hard bristle brush or nickel. 4, the carpet ruffled down some fluffy, paper and other light weight substances, vacuum cleaner can be solved. If you accidentally break a glass on the carpet, you can use wider tape paper to stick up the broken glass; if the broken glass is powder, you can use cotton dip in water to stick up, and then vacuum. 5. Remove the dust on the carpet, you can soak the broom in soapy water and sweep the carpet, keep the broom moist, then sprinkle fine salt, then use the broom to sweep, and finally wipe with a dry rag. When the carpet is cleaned, the chemical fiber carpet can be washed and dried conditionally. Pure wool carpet had to be put in the sun for a while, pay attention to the carpet turned over drying, hanging on the rope with a stick beat, the dust as far as possible to remove, this can also effectively kill the carpet mites.链接:www.tsdmagazine.com

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